Pregnancy and childbirth what are the symptoms of pregnancy


Pregnancy begins when a fertilized egg that was fertilized with a sperm implants in the uterine wall, and this egg grows and enters into many developmental stages, eventually forming the embryo, and here it should be noted that the pregnancy process continues for approximately 264 days from the time of fertilization, [1] Starting from the first stages of pregnancy, a woman will exhibit a set of symptoms and signs that differ from one woman to another.Some women begin to have symptoms of pregnancy from the first week of pregnancy, while it has been found that others may not witness the emergence of any symptoms of pregnancy, until several weeks have passed since the occurrence. Pregnancy. [2]

Pregnancy symptoms

Some of the symptoms and signs that may appear on a pregnant woman can be summarized as follows: [3]

Absence of a menstrual period: the absence of a menstrual period is one of the most important distinguishing features of the occurrence of pregnancy, if the period is regular.

Spotting: This is the drop of a little blood, and a pregnant woman can also have colic when the fertilized egg is implanted in the lining of the uterus, and this occurs between the 6-12 days of fertilization, and here it should be noted that many women may confuse menstruation And between the bleeding at the time of implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterine wall.

The descent of white and thick vaginal secretions: This often occurs in the first weeks of pregnancy, in conjunction with an increase in the thickness of the vaginal walls, and these secretions may also continue during the rest of the pregnancy.

Changes in the breast: In the first weeks of pregnancy, a pregnant woman may suffer from some annoying changes in the breast, which is the feeling of pain when touched, or the feeling of its weight or fullness, and in fact most of these symptoms diminish in severity after several weeks of pregnancy.

The change in color of the area around the nipple, which is called the areola, so that it becomes darker.

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