Pregnancy and childbirth What are the symptoms of pregnancy


Pregnancy is known as a temporary condition that occurs in a woman as a result of the egg being secreted during the menstrual cycle, and its insemination by the sperm during the intercourse process, then a series of divisions occur that lead to the formation of one or more embryos inside the mother's womb, and this period begins with the start of fertilization and continues after that for a period of nine Months, and women are often able to know or expect pregnancy through many of the signs and symptoms that accompany the onset of pregnancy, especially the early ones, which result from an increase in the level of hormones secreted by the placenta, and the appearance of these symptoms is usually associated with the symptoms associated with the normal menstrual cycle. However, the emergence of these symptoms does not necessarily mean that pregnancy is proven. Rather, the confirmation of pregnancy and its validity is approved by conducting laboratory blood analysis and known medical procedures. [1] [2]

Pregnancy symptoms

During pregnancy, a woman’s body is exposed to many changes and fluctuations that indicate the occurrence of pregnancy, but it does not provide definitive evidence of its occurrence, and these symptoms differ in the rate of their appearance, clarity and degree of noticeability among women, as some women may not feel these symptoms permanently, but there are symptoms Common that may confirm the occurrence of the process of pregnancy for most are as follows: [1]

Interruption and absence of menstruation

Menopause is the first early symptom of pregnancy in most women who do not suffer from any previous health problems, as the menstrual cycle occurs most often once a month at a known time in the woman. In the event of an absence or delay of the menstrual cycle, it may indicate that On the occurrence of pregnancy, and its interruption is the first stage of the formation of the fetus, when in the absence of a menstrual cycle, women usually undergo a home examination of pregnancy through urine, but the absence of a menstrual cycle

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