Pregnancy and childbirth What are the reasons that delay pregnancy


The period of pregnancy is one of the important periods for every woman, as it lasts for nine months, or approximately forty-two weeks, as a lot of changes occur to the body at this stage, including: expansion in the vagina, and many symptoms, such as: constant dizziness throughout Today, the incidence of anemia, high temperature, in addition to the change in the size of the breast, but there are many reasons that will cause delay in pregnancy, which we will mention in this article.

Reasons to delay pregnancy

Weight gain or underweight from normal rates: This causes delayed pregnancy, as it reduces the chance of fertility, and therefore it is recommended to obtain an ideal and consistent weight by visiting a specialist in the field of nutrition to take useful diets to follow.

Increase the amount of caffeine, as caffeine reduces the chances of fertility, and therefore it is advised to reduce and reduce it, or replace it with caffeine-free coffee, in order to contribute to raising the fertility rate well.

Smoking in an exaggerated manner, and increasing the consumption of alcoholic beverages, whether for men or women, as increasing smoking and alcohol reduces the chances of fertility and childbearing.

Wearing tight underwear, as it negatively affects sperm count in men, and pelvic strength in women.

Excessive fatigue and exhaustion, psychological pressure, excessive thinking about the occurrence of pregnancy and not enjoying the intimate relationship, due to the pressure of family and society, which may affect the ability of men and women to have children.

Genetic factors for loss of fetuses and incomplete pregnancy.

Infection with many diseases, such as: diabetes and hypothyroidism.

An imbalance of hormones and their secretion.

Treatment of delayed pregnancy

Treating delayed pregnancy naturally

Sagebrush: Drinking sage contributes significantly to the occurrence of pregnancy, because it contains natural antioxidants, and a set of useful and necessary minerals and vitamins, and therefore it is recommended to drink a cup of sage in the morning.

Honey: Honey is one of the natural substances that treat many diseases and problems

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