Pregnancy and childbirth What is the cause of premature labor

 Premature birth

Premature birth is the preparation of the pregnant woman's body to give birth before the end of the specified nine-month pregnancy period, and there are many reasons that would lead to it, such as: infection with some diseases, and taking medicines, and it is worth noting that childbirth in the eighth month or in the seventh month does not constitute A risk to the pregnant woman and the fetus, except when bleeding occurs after childbirth, and in this article we will talk about the causes of premature labor, its symptoms, and ways to prevent it.

Causes of premature labor

Pregnant women suffer from anemia, which is mainly caused by a lack of food intake rich in iron.

Age: In the event that a pregnant woman is younger than the age of sixteen years, or older than the age of thirty-six, then she is at risk of premature labor.

Pregnant woman suffers from high blood pressure, heart disease, or various blood diseases, which lead to the possibility of premature birth.

Pregnancy more than four times, or a twin pregnancy.

The short period between the first pregnancy and the next.

Exposure to various problems in a previous pregnancy, such as: miscarriage, or relative infertility.

Infection with some uterine diseases such as congenital anomalies in the womb, uterine cancer, and bacterial infections.

Pregnant woman with urinary tract infections.

Drinking large amounts of alcohol or drugs.

Take large amounts of medication without consulting a doctor.

Detachment of the placenta.

Symptoms of premature labor

Severe vaginal discharge.

Mucus-like secretions, which are sometimes accompanied by blood.

Fluid appears from the vagina, which is the amniotic fluid.

Vaginal bleeding.

Feeling of pain in the abdomen.

Constriction in the abdomen.

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