Pregnancy and childbirth What is the pregnancy sac

 Gestational sac

The uterine cyst is the first sign of pregnancy that can be detected using ultrasound images (in English: Ultrasonography), specifically when the diameter of the gestational sac is about 2-3 mm, so by the fifth week of pregnancy, a gestational sac appears. Which forms the sac surrounding the fetus before the appearance of the fetus itself in the ultrasound images, and the detection of the pregnancy sac is used to determine the age of the pregnancy, and to make sure whether the pregnancy is normal or not, for example the growth of a pregnancy sac in one of the fallopian tubes instead of inside the uterus indicates On the occurrence of an ectopic pregnancy [1] [2] [3]

Detection of the gestational sac

The ability of the ultrasound machine to do this.

The method used if it is through the abdomen or vagina.

The presence of complications in women such as fibroid tumors in the uterus.

The direction of the uterus, if the uterus is tilted back, this makes the process of detecting the uterine cyst easier.

The shape of the gestational sac

The ideal shape of this cyst is circular, as the shape of this cyst is an important indication in the early stage of pregnancy, specifically in the period before the eighth and tenth week of pregnancy, and it is worth noting that other forms of the pregnancy cyst do not necessarily cause concern, and they may also be normal, With regard to the ideal and normal growth of the pregnancy sac, it is about 1 mm per day after the fourth week of pregnancy, and by determining the size of the gestational sac, the age of pregnancy can be estimated, and the expectant mother can hear the heartbeat of her fetus within one to two weeks after the last test that revealed the cyst Pregnancy, as the heartbeat is the best indicator that the fetus is fine. [4]

Distinguish between true and false pregnancy cyst

It is not possible to consider that every pregnancy sac that is detected is a normal pregnancy sac, it may be a pregnancy cyst

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