Questions for loved ones dealing with a nervous husband

 How do I deal with my nervous husband

Trust between spouses is the basis of marital life and its stability, and what some women complain about about her husband’s nervousness and severity of character is her inability to contain him, and not showing enough interest in him, so the man expresses this with his nervousness that he shows without controlling himself or without understanding and aware of what he says during His outburst of anger, and his intention behind this may be to draw his wife's attention to things that she no longer cares about, or it may be a release from psychological pressures he is going through, whether economic or any other problems, so how can a wife deal with her husband during this period of anger?

Tips for dealing with a nervous husband

Choose the right time to talk with your husband

There are times when the husband's mood is not able to accept any words from anyone, even from the closest people to him and his wife, so you must know the psychological nature and way of thinking of the husband before starting to talk to him, and if there is something that upsets his mood or provokes his anger or sadness, then he should avoid opening any Topics that increase his bad mood and put pressure on his thinking, and the wife knows when her husband is angry about his facial features and the way he speaks, so she should avoid talking to him if she sees his features indicate anger.

Choose the right words to talk to him

Choosing nice and appropriate words to talk with the husband is one of the ways to overcome his anger for any reason whatsoever, the wife should avoid talking to him with any ridiculous words or words that frustrate him, but rather discuss him with tactful words in a calm and elegant manner, and she should also avoid complaining in front of him if she notices him not ready for discussion About a topic.

Absorbing husband's anger

In the event that the husband was angry and started screaming at the wife, she should try to absorb his anger, be calm and hold on to herself, and not respond to his screams and anger with other screams and anger, this is considered a provocation to him, but she must show her interest in what he says and show her respect for him, and postpone discussion with him. Until another time, and not to blame him or discuss with him immediately after he calms down, and she must show him sadness and when he silenced him without speaking, so that he feels remorse and knows how wrong he is.

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