Questions for loved ones, how can you please your husband

 Give confidence

Jealousy does not require emotions to dominate the marital relationship. Therefore, the wife must give her husband sufficient confidence, and treat him on the basis of being a loyal partner who can be trusted, and resort to him when needed, especially in cases of insecurity, or in cases of failure. [1]


There is a great attraction for a woman who believes in herself, in her abilities, and in her qualities, and that she never doubts that, as the husband adores a strong woman with mental maturity, and benefits from her abilities in times of need, or in difficult times. [1]

Show compassion

Good listening is one of the best ways to enhance understanding and understanding of the other party. Therefore, criticism must be avoided and complaining about the partner’s mistakes, and therefore the wife must create a friendship relationship between her and her husband in order to gain his trust. [1]

Have a sense of humor

Smiling adds an atmosphere of relaxation, comfort, especially in light of difficult times, and helps the husband focus on the bright side of things, so it is necessary to prepare unexpected surprises, and add various touches to win his love. [1]

Participate in the happy news

Celebrating happy news, accomplishments, and successes is one of the most important secrets and ingredients on which a happy marriage is based, and accordingly, the participation of spouses with each other in celebrating one of them getting a job, promotion, or any success increases their satisfaction. [2]

High expectations

While some opinions call for the necessity to keep the expectations of spouses low, other opinions emphasize the importance of setting a high ceiling of expectations for the partner. To ensure satisfaction, marital happiness, and thus increase happiness and satisfaction when these expectations are fulfilled. [2]

Absence of violence

The absence of all kinds of violence contributes to increasing satisfaction and happiness, and increases the chance of success in relationships, as trying to impose control over the other, threatening him and forcing him to do things he does not want, would cause great harm to the relationship between the two parties. [3]

Other ways to please the husband

There are many other ways that a wife must follow, which in turn increases the feelings of satisfaction with her husband, the most prominent of which are: [4]

Interest in getting the husband's opinion on matters.

Make sure to always make moments of love.

Inviting the husband to watch a movie in the cinema and spend quality time together.

Resorting to him in difficult times.


^ Abc Erika Otero Romero, "5 ways to keep yours."

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