Questions for loved ones, how did I choose my life partner

 Positive thinking

The thinking of the partner must be positive, as negative thinking leads to focusing on problems instead of searching for appropriate solutions to them, and creates an atmosphere full of complaint, discontent, and lack of optimism, so it is necessary to choose a wife who looks at the future with an eye of optimism and enthusiasm. (1) ]

good health

It is advisable to take the health status into consideration when choosing a wife or life partner, in order to avoid future suffering, and to avoid the transmission of diseases to children, in addition to the financial burden that results from that. [1]

Having specific standards

The existence of standards is one of the good ways in which to identify and choose the appropriate partner, as some people adhere to a set of specific criteria for themselves and their families, and it is indicated that a partner can be chosen outside of these criteria, as if he is not of the same social class of the individual. [2]

Knowledge is power

In the beginning, the person must get to know his emotional requirements, and he must also work to identify his strengths and weaknesses, before embarking on choosing his partner, in preparation for getting to know the other person, his habits and qualities, and determining the extent of his ability to create a state of balance with strengths And the weakness of the first party, and determining the extent of his ability to meet the emotional needs of this party, as working to change a person after joining him is not a successful way to establish a fruitful relationship, and therefore the self must first be identified, then on the partner, to determine his suitability, and the extent of his ability to Living with him for long periods, and this includes getting to know his routine, religious beliefs, outlook on children, and his way of dealing with financial and other affairs. [3]


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