Questions for loved ones, how did I choose my life partner


It is preferable for the life partner to be a kind, loving person who shares the conversation. With the passage of time, the need for these qualities is greater than the need for money, outward appearance, and social standing, [1] in addition to providing moral support and showing positive energy, which would lead to Helps develop a partner in life, in order to become a better version of himself. [2]


A life partner must be a sincere person in the relationship, for betrayal is an irresponsible and non-observant behavior that cannot be forgiven by many people. It is also indicated that the trust between the two partners should be absolute, so that a person can tell the partner anything he faces in his life. Whether it was in the past, or something related to his personality. [2]


The ability to sympathize with a life partner is one of the most important qualities that must be paid attention to, as feeling for others, feeling for them, and living their circumstances, may sometimes be the basic qualities that the partner needs. [3]

Common things

The two partners must have basic things in common, as the desire of one spouse for children and not the other, or giving importance to religious or political beliefs leads to the abolition of the idea of ​​marriage, as these matters may not be important in the age of youth, but with age and old age, many tend to form solid ideas. And strictly speaking about these matters. [1]

A sense of humor

The sense of humor contributes to transforming tense moments into moments of fun, and since all relationships go through moments of tension and quarrels, the sense of humor can transform it from a bad moment to a good moment, and the partner's enjoyment of this feature works to reduce tension between spouses in difficult moments. 3)

The tender

A life partner should give up the trait of selfishness and do nice things on special occasions without pay, as one of the most bad qualities that can be characterized by any person is to wait for the interviewer when providing a service to another person. [2]


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