Questions for loved ones, how do I get my husband's attention

 Attention to external appearance

The first step of attracting the husband's attention is taking care of the appearance, by taking care of the health and appearance of hair, face, and skin, and wearing elegant clothes, in addition to taking care of personal hygiene, and it is also recommended to pay attention to losing excess weight in the body, and burning fat through practicing some exercises such as walking Or jogging, to get a fit and healthy body, and it is preferable to follow a healthy home diet, and to avoid ready-made foods and meals that are harmful to health. [1]



A woman's self-acceptance, characteristics, ideas and social relationships helps her to enhance trust between her and her husband, thus attracting her husband's attention to her strong personality, behavior and ideas, because a woman who is ashamed and does not trust her personality, body shape, size, social status, work, or even the way she talks, this will It leads to gaps between her and her partner because of her lack of confidence in the necessity to discuss these topics with him. [1]

Attention to inner beauty

Attracting the husband's attention is not limited to the external aesthetic aspect only. Rather, the focus must be on the beauty of the soul, because the external beauty will diminish with the passage of time, and this is why it is necessary to learn how to build the inner beauty in order to attract the husband's interest and love. [1]

Do activities with the spouse

The wife must prepare for activities to do with her husband, and make these activities as surprises for him, because that is one of the things that contribute to attracting his attention, and among these activities are going out together on picnics, or going camping together, or trying new hotels, as these activities help, according to the doctor's opinion Helen Fisher, in stimulating the pleasure center in the brain, where the body releases the hormone dopamine, which has a major role in the feeling of enjoyment and happiness. [2]

Plan ahead with your spouse

The wife must talk to her husband about the future and plan for it, as this contributes to attracting the husband's attention to his wife's ambition, in addition to that, detailed questions and answers about the direction of their life topics can be determined and discussed with the husband and his opinion and decisions are taken, and this contributes to increasing the husband's respect and admiration for his wife. (3) ]


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