Questions for loved ones, How do I make myself better for my husband

 Treating the husband as a friend

Marriage succeeds most of the time in cases where husbands deal with each other like friends, and the Noble Qur’an urged that, and the best evidence for that is Mrs. Aisha and Mrs. Khadija, may God be pleased with them, as they used to treat the Messenger, peace be upon him, as his companions, where the wife must treat The husband is her friend, so she takes up his mistakes, makes concessions and tolerates him, and treats him with respect. For example, she says thank you, even if you please, and other words of courtesy, just as she does with her friends.

Attention to detail

The man attracts some of the details that the wife does, for example: hairdressing, diversification by wearing the most beautiful clothes and dresses that the husband loves, removing body hair, and putting on a beautiful perfume scent, and this will make the husband see her beautiful and elegant. [2]

the culture

Culture and education are among the most beautiful qualities of a woman loved by a man. Where a man is attracted to a woman who knows world news and knows how to discuss and give her opinion on important topics of what is going on around the world, unlike women who are not educated and who do not initiate discussion and do not like him. [2]


A man loves a wife who has her own source of income, is financially independent and does not depend on him for all her expenses. [2]

Expressing love

A man loves to feel the love and adoration of his wife for him, so the woman must express that love from time to time, and not say to herself there is no need to say this because he knows. [2]

Pay attention to health

Drinking plenty of water and exercising will add beauty and radiance to her skin and body, which will make the husband feel her beauty as well and see her young no matter how old she is. [3]

Flirt and fun

The man loves a cheerful woman, who, no matter how many work and household burdens, on her, does not stop her from smiling, playing, and having fun with and flirting with the husband. [3]


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