Questions for loved ones, how do I renew my married life

 Writing for a life partner

Love can be shown to the partner by writing some words and notes about love and poems, and sending them a message to him, so writing feelings in words renews love and increases the partner's interest in his life partner. [1]

Replenishment of the daily routine

Changing and renewing the daily routine can be done through experimenting with eating in new restaurants, forming social relationships with other spouses, or changing the place to sleep in the bed and sleeping on the other side of the bed. [2]

Reduce busyness

Numerous research has shown that the presence of a smartphone can distract and limit spouses' communication, so the partner should find ways to communicate with his partner and be close to him, such as holding hands or any small touches that bring the spouses closer to each other. [2]

Partner praise

It is advisable to look for ways to appreciate the partner, and to try to notice good and new qualities daily, as praise between the two partners increases approval and thanks between them for all the things they do together. [2]

Offer surprises to the partner

The partner can surprise his partner, express his love and appreciation for him, and examples of presenting surprises are presenting a card to express the extent of love for the partner, or bringing a balloon with a laughing face to relieve the partner after a tiring day at work, or bringing a bouquet of seasonal flowers, Or a box of delicious chocolate, and surprises can be in other forms, such as: arranging the house or cleaning the kitchen. [3]

Doing volunteer work

The two partners can do volunteer work together, for example they can volunteer in religious places, shelters, animal shelters, or the Red Cross, or take care of the elderly in the home for the elderly, all of these are good ways that help harmony in society with the partner And a sense of accomplishment together. [3]


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