Questions for loved ones How do I show my love to my husband

 Expressing love

Expressing the wife's love for her husband can be direct, such as telling him that she loves him, at least once every day, or through expressing indirectly and that is by hugging, for example, or walking in the rain, or sharing memories together, watching old pictures, and being careful not to Forgetting to celebrate the anniversary of marriage and the husband's birthday, [1] or by sending mail or e-mails expressing the extent of her love for her husband, such as saying that she wishes to be with her now, as such messages make him feel that she is thinking about him and expressing to him about The extent of her interest in him, and electronic communication has become, at the present time, one of the best methods instead of postal letters. [2]

Planning to get out

Work on planning to break out of the ordinary and the usual things, planning for a special appointment makes the husband happy, because with time the husband begins to feel imbalance in setting appointments on his own, and he feels happy if the wife participates with him in that, and thus this planning shows the husband the extent of his wife's interest in him. 2)

Spouse support

Ensure that the husband supports the husband in all cases and that she is always proud of him, for example when the husband starts a new job, it will be difficult for him at the beginning of the matter, and at this stage he will need support, encouragement, and increase his confidence in his abilities, this strengthens his motives, and feels her love Him. [3]

Listen to the husband

The wife should listen to her husband and appreciate the advice he gives her, in addition to giving attention to his speech and what he says well, so she is keen to understand everything he says, making him feel how much his wife loves him, in addition to being keen to take his opinion on all the small and big matters, and to act with his advice Presented by him, and trust in his opinion. [4]


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