Questions for loved ones How do I start a conversation with my husband

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Some women may have difficulty starting a meaningful dialogue with their husbands, but there are a set of questions that they can ask to start the dialogue and encourage the husband to talk, such as asking about the favorite movie, or about the strengths and weaknesses of the couple's relationship, or asking about Things a husband enjoys doing with his wife, or things that he may regret before he dies. [1]

Choose the right time

The appropriate time should be chosen to start any dialogue with the husband. If the husband is busy or feeling tired, it is better to wait for another time, and if there are children, it is preferable to occupy them with something to do before starting the dialogue with the husband. [2]

Use of body language

It is preferable to look directly into the eyes of the husband, with a look of love and respect, and start talking about desires at the beginning of the dialogue. The eyes are the mirror of the mind and the soul, and holding hands helps to show feelings of love. [2]


It is necessary to identify the reason why the husband will want to listen to the wife’s speech, taking care to start the conversation in a pleasant way, and with words that help attract the husband’s interest. If the conversation is boring, negative and repetitive, the husband will not listen to the hadith. [2]


Conversations and conversations do not usually proceed in the way they were planned, as the response of the other person cannot be predicted, so the dialogues should not be rigid, and if the husband’s answer was not expected, or not the required answer, the wife must be flexible and accept her husband’s views. And his hadiths. [3]


One should listen and listen when speaking with the husband, especially when he talks about his preferences, or when he talks about himself, and there is no need to prepare answers before he finishes speaking, and work to be understanding and patient. [3]


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