Questions for loved ones how do I trust my husband

 Stop doubting

The wife must avoid suspicion of her husband. It is possible for the husband to talk to other women because there is work with them, for example, but this does not mean that there is something between them. Therefore, the wife should resist her desire to search her husband's phone or e-mail to find out his secrets or matters. This behavior may turn into a habit, although it is a method that can comfort her and relieve her doubts, but it causes problems in the marital relationship. [1]

Understand the difference between a man and a woman

One of the most important rules for establishing a good relationship is knowing and understanding the difference between men and women, because men have different characteristics. For example, men differ from women in their psychological state, as most men prefer to isolate themselves when they feel disturbed, or in the event of their turmoil, and prefer to spend time alone, completely unlike women, who prefer to express and talk about their feelings, so when the wife is able to understand the differences between them Between her husband, she will be able to understand her husband better, and be able to strengthen and deepen the relationship. [2]

Respect the boundaries

The wife should try to respect the boundaries of her partner, accept them, be clear about her own expectations about the relationship, to avoid problems in the future, and try to find a way of understanding between herself and her husband, and be comfortable with him with the new changes in their lives. [3]

Talk to the husband

Spouses should try to get their marital relationship back on its right course again. Where they can set specific goals to achieve them, talk about them frankly, and make sure that they are on the right track regularly, and the wife must take care to avoid using words that could cause problems, and to avoid the use of phrases that indicate blaming the husband, or forcing him, or forcing him to something [4]


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