Questions for loved ones, how do I communicate my love to my husband

 Expressing love

Support and show respect

Support and showing respect for the husband is shown through the wife’s recognition of her husband’s efforts in his work and his efforts towards his family, believing in his capabilities and capabilities and what he can do, and his needs, focusing on his positive qualities and reminding him of his small flaws, staying positive with him, and understanding him permanently, and leaving notes that tell him of his appreciation of his actions. Appreciating him in general, respecting his opinions and ideas, avoiding complaining about his work or life with him, and asking for his help in difficult matters. [2]

Sympathy and understanding with him

Greater sympathy and understanding of the husband is through: Avoid criticizing him in an exaggerated manner, making sure to listen to him, communicate with him in a low voice, avoid screaming, and be sure to speak with him frankly. To avoid the misunderstanding, which is one of the most prominent marital problems, [3] and give him some time when he is in a bad mood. [4]

Some other methods

There are many ways that love can be conveyed to the husband, including:

Giving gifts without an occasion, even if they are simple; Like a shirt or a tie. [5]

Appreciating the things that the husband thinks are necessary and making sure to make them among her priorities as well. For example, the wife must make sure to prepare dinner for the time the husband returns from work if he likes to do so. [6]

Introduce him to others while adding a simple compliment to him in front of them, by saying for example: "I present to you my handsome husband," or "This is my wonderful husband." [7]


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