Questions for loved ones, how do I understand my sweetheart


The girl wants her partner to be sincere in his feelings, expectations and limits. When the man deals with his partner honestly, this facilitates the relationship for him, so he was honest and clear and began to talk frankly about the future expectations of both of them, the relationship was more fun and happy, and it was more sincere and more real, as the girl She needs to feel safe, and that her partner should not be playful and have relationships and communication with other women, so the man must be faithful to his promises and words, as he should not cancel their plans together, or withdraw from his obligations with her as much as possible; Because commitment brings safety and trust. [1]


The girl likes the feeling that the relationship with her partner is close; Therefore, the man can get closer to her as much as possible by trying to understand and communicate with her by speaking and listening to her to solve problems, reach an understanding of interests at a high level, [2] and carry out different experiences or visit new places together to become closer to each other, and to create happy and meaningful memories that remain. Linked between them. [3]


A man can show his interest in his partner and the things she loves, surprise her by taking her to a new museum or art gallery if she loves art, and share with her the activities that she loves and are interested in, to prove to her that he pays attention to what she loves and prefers, as this is one of the important aspects of building a good relationship, and the girl loves the man Listening to her problems and fears in the event of her anxiety, and providing her emotional and physical comfort, and it is also necessary for the man to express his feelings towards his partner, and to tell her that he cares about her matter, and what is the thing that he considers special about her and makes him care about her and loves her, such as that she is compassionate with people and thinks about others. 3)

Listen to the girl

The man should listen carefully to his partner; It is very frustrating for a woman to share her thoughts and feelings with her partner, and in the end she realizes that he does not really listen to her, as she wants her partner to listen to her, not only by hearing but also with his heart and his feelings, and according to the research, men who respect the opinions of their partners and enjoy a much happier relationship than others. (4)

Spend special times with the girl

It is possible to try to allocate an enjoyable time to spend time with the girl and to make plans together, and to try to make an effort to make romance, and to constantly set romantic dates, this makes her understand that it is one of the priorities of her partner. [4]


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