Questions for loved ones, how do I respect my husband

 Show respect and appreciation

One of the basics of respecting the husband is to show the extent of appreciation for the effective role that the husband plays towards himself or the other small things that he does, and to be keen to avoid underestimating or reprimanding him, or rejecting his efforts and efforts to please her, and to constantly show him the extent of love for him. (1) ]

Knowing the matters of interest to the husband

The wife must appreciate the matters that the husband deems necessary and make them a priority for her as well, for example if the husband likes to have dinner with her when returning home, she can prepare dinner for them to eat together after a long working day, and it is also recommended that the wife listen to her husband and look In his eyes, to know more about what interests him and what makes him happy. [2]

Sympathy and understanding with him

It is possible to show sympathy for and understand the husband more through many matters, including: [3]

Avoid criticizing your husband in an excessive way.

Make sure to listen and understand him.

Communicating with the husband without raising his voice.

Being honest in talking to him to avoid the misunderstanding that causes many marital problems.

Give him some time to be alone when he's in a bad mood. [4]

He sought advice from him, but without complaining. [4]

Avoid raising problems in public places or in front of others, and making sure that their problems remain inside the home. [4]

Bringing joy and happiness to the husband's heart permanently, forgiving him when problems arise, and avoiding bearing grudges against him. [2]

The wife stands by her husband and supports him in the event that a member of her family disrespects him. [4]

Praise him and praise him, especially in front of others, by mentioning all the positives present in his personality, and telling others about his work and his distinctive personality. [5]


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