Questions for loved ones How do I celebrate our wedding anniversary

 Preparing for a new honeymoon

It is very nice to have a recovery period full of rest, relaxation and fun; Taking a vacation similar to that of a honeymoon would bring back beautiful memories and create new memories full of love and fun for the coming years of marriage. [1]

Spend a night out of town

It is a good idea for the couple to plan to spend a night out on the town. Where the wife takes care of herself as if it were her wedding night, and she goes to a beauty center to take care of the details of hairdressing, skin care, make-up, etc., then they spend the night attending a show, or eating dinner in a fancy restaurant.

Have a romantic dinner

The implementation of this idea is to prepare for dinner by candlelight, be it in a fancy restaurant or at home; As the basic principle of this idea depends on spending dinner time in an environment full of romance, and this idea is considered one of the classic ways that never lose its elegance in showing mutual love and affection. [2]

Organize joint activities

This day can be used for joint activities; Like going dancing or attending the cinema or theater; Wearing appropriate clothes and going out to dance will reignite the beautiful feelings of the spouses, and it is possible to think of getting a new cultural experience for this occasion, such as attending an opera, watching a romantic movie, or attending a concert, and regardless of the nature of the choice, the important thing is to do the activity together. 2)

Doing a new experiment

It is good to take advantage of this day to get a new experience together, to carry with it a beautiful memory that will last for the rest of the years of marriage. Where there are many activities that the couple may not have performed before and can be tried together to make the bonds between the spouses stronger and more durable, and among the things that can be tried is riding a balloon, or climbing a high summit to get a wonderful view of the world, or rowing with water, and it is possible Also try diving under the water, or exploring caves, and other activities. [3]


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