Questions for loved ones, how do I encourage my husband

 providing support

Support is with the support and the husband's notice that the wife supports him and stands with him in his difficult times, and that she stands on his side and accepts him as he is. The husband loves to feel that his wife accepts him as he is, and he does not like to feel that the wife is trying to change him and make him a better person. [1]

Faith in his abilities

Men feel in difficult times their strength and manhood and lack of self-confidence, and what they look for most at such a time is the wife's support for them and her notification to them that she still believes in their strength and that they are a support and back to her, and that she still knows and believes that they are stronger than all the circumstances they are going through. (2)

Praise the husband and trust him

The man loves to hear the words of praise and praise him, especially in the difficult times he is going through, so it is okay for a wife to let her husband hear her while she talks about him and praises him in front of her friends on the phone, for example, especially in times when the wife feels that he urgently needs to hear it. (2)

Giving the spouse some privacy

The wife must trust her husband and give him the opportunity to do what he wants even if he does not tell her the details. He may need his own time to know how to behave. [2]

Prevent the husband from blaming himself

In difficult times, people make matters worse by starting to blame themselves for what is happening, which makes them feel worse than before. Therefore, the wife must remind her husband in such situations that the most appropriate solution is to search for solutions and not blame and anger. [3]

Remind the husband of the positive

Reminding the husband that difficult times are nothing but evidence of steadfastness and strength, and they are nothing but lessons to develop his personality and strengths, and remind him that withdrawing a little may enable him to see appropriate solutions to the problem, and reminding him that lost opportunities mean that there are other opportunities that may be available to a person, and he must To search for these opportunities, to remind him that every day means a new opportunity, and to remind him of the good things that have happened to him in his life and his accomplishments; As all of this will raise some hope in the same husband. [3]


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