Questions for loved ones, how do I change my husband's thinking

 Begin to change

The husband and wife are equal in marital life, and therefore when the husband sees that his wife has the ability to change first and works hard on that, the husband becomes more eager to change, so the wife must do her best to change herself first and then pay attention to changing her husband’s thinking, thus improving their relationship together. [1]

Choose appropriate times for dialogue

It is imperative that the wife choose the appropriate times for dialogue with the husband to obtain better results in many discussions, as it is not preferable to talk about important issues when the husband returns from work directly, as things may get worse, and it is preferable to give the husband some hints before starting the dialogue and discussion with him. Seriously. [2]

Helping the spouse with the change

The wife must work hard to help her husband by giving him enough time to relax, listen to his problems and try to relieve him and advise him, which makes him feel comfortable, as this method helps to change the husband over time, and the wife should not despair if the change takes a long time. (3)

Find the positivity and ignore the negativity

It is necessary to think about the positive things that the husband possesses even if they are small and focus on them, and talking about the husband must be based on respect, kindness and mentioning good deeds, especially in front of the husband, and if you see some negative things and mistakes in the husband, it is necessary to use constructive criticism, this method may It is a reason for changing the husband for the better. [3]

Note: The difference between the two partners is not bad as it gives life a special flavor, so the wife can adapt to the temperament and habits of her husband instead of looking for ways to change his thinking, it may not be difficult, but it needs a little time to realize how the husband thinks and how to adapt to him to become life Quieter and less difficult. [2]

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