Questions for loved ones How do I explain my love to my husband

 Planning a romantic night

You should not wait for an occasion to spend a romantic night with your husband, as these times preserve the continuation of the relationship, and it is also preferable to rely on effort and not money to show the extent of interest, and a suitable time must be set for both parties, and a suitable place for children must be found, such as sending them to their grandfather’s house, choosing suitable clothes, and it can be That it be new clothes that bring a feeling of comfort and confidence, and the admiration of the husband, or it may be clothes that have a memory, to move the husband’s memory towards a special situation that happened previously, prepare a suitable meal, put calm music, reduce the lighting, or use candles, and plan what comes after that, such as going out for a walk Or, watching a specific movie. [1]

Tell him that

There is no better idea than telling the husband how much his wife loves him. Holding the husband’s hand, looking directly into his eyes, and saying expressions of love to him are among the simplest and best steps. [2]

Buy a gift without an occasion

There is no need for an occasion to bring a gift to the husband, as the gift expresses the extent of love and care, and among the gifts that can be presented to him: a shirt, tie, aftershave gel, or any item he needs. [2]

Continue to take care of yourself

Continuing self-care is one of the ways to show love to the husband, by pampering oneself, wearing beautiful clothes, and taking care of hair, nails, etc., even if a long time has passed since the marriage, and even if the husband declares his interest in spiritual aspects more. [2]

Writing a love letter

You can simply bring a note sheet, write the true feelings on it, and allow the husband to read it, so that he can know the truth of these feelings, and if there is the ability to express in a better way, poetry stemming from the heart can be written for him.

Prepare his favorite meal

Food has a greater impact than people think, as it is not just a tool for living, but it also brings people together, so events are often associated with food, and therefore nothing is better for a husband than returning home after a hard day, and finding his wife prepared for him his favorite dish. (4) ]

Participate in his activities

The things that the husband loves must be appreciated, and his participation in doing them, for example if he prefers to watch matches, you can try to watch these matches with him, as they may be really fun and entertaining, and this does not mean changing the character or habits, but there is no harm in trying something new. (4)


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