Questions for loved ones how do you deal with your lover

 Doing things that make sense

Small actions can make the other person feel love. Therefore, the girl is advised to think about such small matters that have great meaning from time to time for the sake of her lover, so she prepares a cake for him that he loves or does any small behavior that makes him feel and reminds him of her interest and love for him. [1]

Notice your beloved of safety

A man loves to feel safe when he is in a love relationship with a girl, and he hates for the girl to make him feel hesitant and that this relationship is insecure, so the girl must make sure that her lover does not notify her lover of insecurity in the relationship, provided that she does not present herself as a foregone conclusion, there is a difference. Show the other party's notice of safety, and make him take it for granted, as he will feel bored with the passage of time if he feels that it is his property and under his command. [2]

Sweetheart request for suggestions

The girl can know how her lover wants to treat him by asking him explicitly about that, for example: you go to him directly and tell him: How can I be a good lover for you, and what you want me to do, and then you record and write what he said on a piece of paper, and try Making some changes in its behavior as needed and within reasonable and possible limits. [3]

Listening to your beloved

The man loves that his sweetheart listen to him carefully and focus, so the beloved must be keen to develop her listening skills, in order to master the skill of listening to him, and to focus on the words he says instead of thinking about how to respond to them, and the woman can show her lover that she was a good listener of what he said By paraphrasing what he said in another way. [3]

Give your beloved some privacy

The beloved must be careful to give her lover his own space to do what he wants, without accompanying him everywhere, even if with family, friends, and acquaintances, as it will be good for men and women alike to feel some privacy, and to have some time to spend with themselves and think Whatever they want. [1]

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