Questions for loved ones How does a man take care of his wife

 Safe environment

Doctor Judith Sells says that most women take the step of marriage in search of the security and safety that they expect to find in the marital home, and from this standpoint, the man must show concern for his wife, by providing a safe and loving environment for her and his children, so that she is emotionally and financially supported, and attentive. For his reactions and actions at home, and to be careful not to empty the pressure of work at home. [1]

Demolish the gender stereotype

A man can show his interest in his wife by stopping thinking about the usual traditional stereotypes, which are based on being the man and the owner of specific household responsibilities, as he must help his wife in doing housework, raising children, in addition to cooperating with her and sharing roles just as team members do The one. [2]

Respect for the wife's femininity

A husband can show his concern and appreciation for his wife by recognizing her femininity and beauty, and respecting her as a woman, by showing her and admitting to her that he has marry her not just because she has some external beauty qualities, but also because of her personal qualities and characteristics that distinguish her from others. Women. [3]

Expressing love

A man can show his interest in his wife by verbally expressing to her his love and love, so that he creates a new way every day to tell her that he is in love with her, because actions sometimes are not sufficient to show love and interest, and this love can also be expressed in a non-verbal way, such as writing to her on a piece of paper That he loves her, then he sticks it to the mirror, or leaves it in her clothes pocket to be surprised at later. [4]

Respect for the wife

A husband can show his concern for his wife by behaving with her in a way that respects and appreciates her, such as fulfilling the promises that a man makes to himself, adhering to the deadlines he gives her, not judging her because she is a woman, listening carefully to what she says, and other things and actions that show respect for the person For the other person. [5]


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