Questions for loved ones How a husband makes his wife happy

 How a husband makes his wife happy

A successful marital life is based on love, happiness, friendliness, and understanding between the spouses, as each seeks to please the other party in order to reach family and emotional stability for all family members, and given that we live in a male society, there is a prevailing idea that the happiness of the man is a duty of the wife. Family balance and happiness cannot be achieved without the wife's feeling of her, and for this reason the man must also work to make his wife happy. A woman's heart is similar to the heart of a small child, and a smile takes place on him from any simple initiative that makes her feel happiness, love and respect.

Phone calls

The woman is happy to hear her husband’s voice during daylight hours, when he calls her flirtatiously and lovingly, and the wife will appreciate her husband’s contact to hear her voice only and reassure that she is fine, despite his many preoccupations and works during the working hours.


The husband's expression of the extent of his admiration for his wife's beauty and elegance is very important to her happiness, as the wife loves to hear the words of flattery related to her outward appearance, and she also feels happy when she hears compliments about her skill in organizing the affairs of the house and taking care of the children.

Kissing and cuddling

The kiss on the forehead is considered one of the things that most please and delight a wife, and it is also one of the most beautiful and sincere ways in which feelings of love and appreciation can be shown, and the greatest evidence of the wife's great comfort in her husband's heart, and the inclusion of the wife in a man’s heart makes her feel safe, warm and happy.

Take care of it in front of others

A wife is happy when her husband gives her his attention and care in front of others, especially in front of family members and friends, directing her to talk to her and not neglecting her in front of them, and consulting her with all his decisions.

Love letters and surprises

Surprise the wife with a beautiful love letter and gentle words will strengthen the romantic ties between the spouses and make the wife happy, and she is also happy to send red roses suddenly and unexpectedly to her workplace or to her home without there being a special occasion.

Understand what you love

The husband must understand what little things his wife loves, and even if they are trivial in his view, he must take care of them because of their importance to the wife, as he can buy her something she loves, or even bring some foods that she loves.

Appreciate moments of fatigue

The wife sometimes feels emotional and physical exhaustion because of the responsibilities entrusted to her from raising children and organizing the affairs of the house, so if the husband does not feel this tiredness and the amount of effort that his wife makes, then he hurts her feelings and insults her in this way, and for this the husband must appreciate the moments of his wife's fatigue and make her happy in terms of gratitude And appreciation, helping her with housework and taking care of children in his spare time and when he is able to.

Discuss it gently

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