Questions for loved ones how to control emotions

 the smile

The smile helps, physiologically, to get rid of negative emotions, and despite the simplicity of the smile, it is able to effectively change the mood. How that smile will turn into a real smile that reflects on the soul, and that all those unwanted feelings will go unheeded. [1]

Identify problems and do what it takes

It is necessary to determine the situation that provokes feelings and causes the person to anger or sadness, for example, and then work to avoid exposure to it, such as avoiding dealing with annoying people, or avoiding traffic crises and congestion, and so on, and if this situation needs to be addressed, an attempt must be made to create the necessary change. In order not to cause negative, unwanted feelings. [2]

Change the way of thinking

It is necessary to shift the focus of the person's attention from the situation that provokes him and which hurts his feelings, and he must try to distract any negative thinking, and focus on other positive things that will increase self-confidence, as feelings are only a reflection of deep thinking inside the soul, and it is possible to change these thoughts Related to different situations, and thus the way of interacting with those situations in general will change. [2]

Control of reactions

Choosing a way to interact with the provocative situation is the most difficult step in controlling emotions, as it is basically an acquired habit, and this appears in the behavior of people who emotionally revolt for reasons that are not mentioned in their simplicity, and they start with violent reactions verbally and effectively, they are almost hostages to their emotions, and they developed these reactions to situations Which does not suit them, and accordingly, developing the ability to choose the way to interact with matters requires a lot of practice and practice, and exert the necessary effort to build this skill. [3]

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