Questions for loved ones how to please the husband

 Sincerity and honesty

The quality of sincerity and honesty makes the wife ideal in the eyes of her husband, and therefore the wife must always be honest with him. If the wife lies to her husband about the smallest things, then the relationship between them will be based on a lack of trust. [1]

Attention to the husband

The husband needs constant attention from his life partner, and therefore things must be done that make him feel happy, such as caring for him when he is tense, stressed from work, or sick, and also through interest in his hobbies and future plans, [1] and also the husband must be respected through Paying attention to small things such as saying “please,” and “thank you,” or through politeness in talking to him, and offering him what he loves from food and drink, as these are all behaviors that please the husband and increase mutual respect between them. [2]

Communicate with him

It is important for positive communication between the spouses, so a woman should talk to her husband about his day and discuss various matters, and she must listen to him rationally even if the topic does not interest her, because this method contributes to improving communication between them and thus improving their relationship with each other. [1] It is worth noting that a woman should think carefully before any discussion with her husband, so as not to hurt his feelings, and she must also be more careful with the words she says to him. [3]

Going with spouse on vacation

It is important for the spouses to relax on themselves from time to time, as this improves the relationship between them, and a woman can remind her husband of the necessity of that to renew the love between them by moving away from others for some time. [2]

Remember your husband's preferences

When the wife remembers the things that the husband prefers, this will lead to happiness, such as watching his favorite movie, listening to his favorite music, proposing to go out to eat the dessert he loves, or even watching his favorite program on TV. [3]

Praise the husband in front of others

The husband likes to add some compliments when presenting to others, while keeping a smile on the face when describing him and telling others about him, his work and his personality. [3]


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