Questions for loved ones how to maintain a husband

 Realism and forgiveness

The marital relationship is based on the principle of forgiveness between the two spouses, so the wife should forgive her husband when he committed some mistakes, as the solution to problems between spouses is often based on forgiving one of the other regardless of the complexity of the problem, then obtaining a promise from the other party not to return to committing such a thing Error. [1]


Lying is one of the things that makes the husband turn away from his wife, as lying destroys and destroys the marriage, so the wife should avoid it and stay away from it permanently. Honesty is what sustains the marital relationship, not lying. [1]

Show admiration for the husband

The husband loves to see and witness his wife’s interest and show her admiration for him, so that the wife can perpetuate her marital relationship and preserve her life partner, she must always express to him his handsomeness and his attractiveness to her. He loves to hear positive expressions that indicate the love of his wife. This helps her husband to appreciate himself, and adds an atmosphere of romance to their relationship. [2]

Look care

The wife should take care of her appearance, maintain her shape and fit, and not forget about herself because of the children and the various housework. The husband loves to see his wife tidy and clean, and that she receives him in a decent manner upon his return from work. [3]

A sense of humor

The sense of humor gives beauty to the marital relationship, so husbands usually like that their partner enjoys a kind of humor and lightness of blood, especially those that make difficult and tense moments pleasant moments through a gentle and humorous manner, so the wife in this way relieves her husband, and makes him resort to her in the moments Difficult. [4]

Participate in different activities

The wife can find many ways to protect her husband and stick to her, such as going out at night to walk and talk, so inhale fresh air, exchange conversations, and listen to the problems of the other that will strengthen the marital relationship. [5]


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