Questions for lovers how to spend their honeymoon

 The dream of every bride to spend her most beautiful days with her life partner, especially during the honeymoon period, this month is considered the first days that the spouses spend with each other and enter the marital cage to establish a happy and cohesive family, and therefore the couple is very interested in spending the most beautiful days of their lives at the beginning of the marriage so that it is the beginning Beautiful for a life-long relationship.

Spouses always want to have a rest period after marriage and relaxation and get rid of the fatigue and tension that the spouses suffer from during the engagement period when they are busy preparing for the completion of the marriage so the spouses are busy with all the details from caring for the apartment and the purposes of the house to attention to the details of the joy and the list of invitees, the place of holding the wedding party and all these beautiful details Tired and exhausted spouses until the marriage is completed and the night of life is for the spouses.


And there are some husbands who wish to travel and spend their honeymoon in one of the beautiful tourist countries, hiking and spend a beautiful time, and there are those who do not want to spend a whole month traveling, but rather spend a week or two, according to the desire of the spouses and the financial capabilities of the husband, so each couple differs in spending a month Honey, there are couples who do not like to go outside and prefer to spend their honeymoon at home and get a rest and relaxation.

And there are couples who prefer domestic tourism, that is, they go for hiking and going out, but inside their country in which they are without traveling outside the country, so the way you spend the honeymoon is due to what you and your husband prefer to do and agree on it before marriage so that you prepare yourselves for a beautiful honeymoon, and in order to spend a honeymoon Free from boredom, routine or some daily problems, you should prepare several activities that you and your husband love and practice them, such as going to a quiet and romantic place such as the sea or the restaurant, or playing a game you like, such as the Playstation games or going to the club to practice swimming, for example.


And try to avoid anything that provokes the anger of your husband so that no problem arises that will lead to joy

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