Questions for sweethearts, I love my wife, however

 Men need women, and every man cannot live without the woman, so that he has half the wage, and every man seeks to form a family and assume its responsibility and love his wife, but this life is exposed to some problems.

I love my wife to the point of madness, and I confessed to her since the days of courtship, and I swear by God that I am true to that. I married her about the love of my marriage from her now for nearly 6 years.


Most of the time I feel that she does not love me so much that I whisper that she is compelled to marry me

She claims her love for me, his sense of words and not being honest with me, why?

When she encounters a problem, I feel concerned about the problem, as if the problem belongs to me. I propose solutions to her and share her concern, quite unlike her. When she confronts me with a problem, she does not think about the issue at all and does not propose any solution. Lamry, I gave her my heart and my pain to make her happy.

I am jealous of her brother, for she loves him passionately and cares about him a lot and loves to sit with him alone when she is with her family to the point that I began to doubt them in my absence from her. What do they do and the devil whispers to me a lot because I see her interest in him and when I argue about some matters with her brother she always stands with him about the matter and I said To her I feel that you are deceiving me with your love for me Why do you stand next to your brother in front of me and say I love you, but my brother has a right in most things, and often there is a speech between me and her brother that is intended to make people laugh with us at the other. I find her trying to make others laugh at me ..


And when we all sit down, I see her like to sit in front of him while she is sitting on the side confidently and prevent her from doing that and she says you do not have confidence in me The important thing now is that she is pregnant with her family and has 3 months she did not think and say you are the one who should call and ask. And when I talk to her and ask her about her brother, she sparks His name is very much

A slight disagreement took place between me and her over the phone about a week ago, knowing that her family is in one city and I am in another city. I am sitting alone at home because of my work, and God knows that I think a lot while whispering about her. What do they do? How to be sitting in front of him, doubts and assumptions, God forbid, to the extent that I think that her brother is having intercourse with her in my absence. It is reasonable to reach this thing in order to sleep at night. I became neglectful in my work

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