R Malian economic growth

 Economic growth

Economic growth is the process by which national wealth and sources of income grow and increase over time, and although the term is used in evaluating the economic performance of a country during a short period, it is used in the context of economic theory, as an indication of the increase in wealth, during a long period. And development is considered a process of domination, and successive rise of each of the sectors of agriculture, the industrial sectors, the trade and service sectors .. [1]

Economic growth and unemployment

Reducing the spread of unemployment and achieving a high economic growth rate are the most important for the economy of developed and developing countries, and since economic growth and employment are the macroeconomic variables of countries, therefore unemployment is a source of concern for the growth of any country's economy and its national product, and unemployment represents the level of employment in it. It is defined as the scarcity and scarcity of jobs for the able-bodied and qualified to enter the labor market, and unemployment is divided into several forms: [2]

Voluntary unemployment: unemployment of individuals who are looking for higher wages and levels of work.

Involuntary unemployment: unemployment of persons willing to work.

Frictional unemployment: It is the type of unemployment specified in time, during a change of residence, or the occurrence of an occupation.

Cyclical unemployment: unemployment resulting from the economic decline that occurs in the volume of production, when the demand is low compared to the volume of production.

Seasonal unemployment: unemployment of people who work during certain periods of the year in sectors; Such as tourism, construction, and agriculture.

Technological unemployment: It is the result of the replacement of machines, rather than the workforce in the industrial and other sectors.

Economic growth and sustainable development

Sustainable development is an economic approach that promotes growth, while preserving the quality of the environment for future generations. Despite its tremendous popularity in the last two decades of the twentieth century, the concept of sustainable development has proven difficult to apply in many areas, [3] and sustainable economic growth requires societies and countries. Creating conditions that allow able-bodied people to obtain job opportunities, decent and good working conditions that support the national economy while not harming the environment, there is a need to increase financial and banking services to manage income, and growth in trade, banking, and agriculture will help increase productivity and reduce unemployment levels. In the poorest regions of the world. [4]


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