Raising boys and how to make it fun


How to make raising boys fun

Several methods can be followed in order to make raising children an enjoyable process, and among these methods are the following:  Participation of children in the practice of activities: the participation of children in various activities such as having dinner with them, watching their favorite TV program, and interacting with them by playing with them, And accompanying them on a walk, makes them enjoy exercising it, increases their interaction and introduces them to their world better. Meeting the requirements of children: It is advisable to avoid preventing children from doing what they want, and trying to meet their demands and to avoid constant rejection under the pretext of education and discipline, such as allowing children to do what they want and meet their needs. The demands make them feel happy. Link activities to specific days every week: This idea is considered one of the modern educational ideas, as the days of the week give a distinctive name related to an activity that children do on this day that makes this activity more enjoyable for them, for example if the child does not like to eat cereals for children and can be called one The days of the week is the day of the pills, where pills are offered to all family members, which makes them acceptable to the child and finishes his food quickly, and one of the days of the week is called Hug Day to relieve feelings of frustration and sadness in children, which makes them happier. Focusing on play more than education: Children need to change their daily routine in school, and for this they need to play and spend quality time away from spending other hours studying, and playing is more important than academic learning at some age levels, because it develops different children's skills from the methodology of solving Problems, interpersonal communication skills, and creative thinking.

[1] Giving children time to rest and relax: Children should be taught to give themselves time to rest and relax, by allowing them to evade from time to time their duties and responsibilities and to have a special time for fun and fun, and parents should follow the same method with themselves by living enjoyable moments With their children without thinking about what will come or regret their previous action, this increases their sense of happiness and pleasure and increases their interaction with their children.

Choose activities that children like: it is preferable to stay away from boring activities and games that children do not enjoy, and replace them with games that suit their ages, saturate them, and give them happiness and entertainment, which will help them do so. They find their passions and hobbies and spend quality time with their families.

[2] Adding fun while performing responsibilities: To avoid children feeling bored while carrying out their responsibilities and duties, it is necessary to add some fun to feel some fun and entertainment during their work, such as playing the music they love while performing their homework tasks such as arranging rooms, folding clothes, or creating an atmosphere of Competition between boys to complete their tasks faster, and it is worth noting that many boys hate sleeping at night, and to avoid this, they can be allowed to choose the bedtime stories they prefer.

[3] Avoid mocking their feelings: Children complain a lot about a certain thing and show their boredom and complain constantly, and here parents must interact with them and show sympathy and try to make them surprised at their protest, but be careful not to do this mockery or mock their feelings, and try to divert this boredom or annoyance To smile on their faces.

[4] Physical play to relieve stress and tension: Children tend to act in anger and aggression after spending their day studying or working, so parents are advised to play physical games with them. Such as stalking games or search and concealment games to release their anger or annoyance and return them to their normal state, and care must be taken that these games are compatible with the ages and abilities of children.

[5] Spontaneity and showing the beauty of the world: Parents interacting with children spontaneously and making them enjoy life and nature around them is the most important thing that they may teach them, so share with them watching the sunrise in the morning, or enjoying a picnic with them in the garden, or having dinner in the garden of the house on a summer night Or, trying to camp with them one night, is an example to show the beauty of life and spontaneity with them.

 The importance of making parenting fun

 Parents' creation of an atmosphere of pleasure while raising children helps to enhance their warm feelings, strengthens the relationship between them and gives them positive energy, and this also develops the feelings of respect and appreciation of children towards their parents, and gives them many wonderful memories. That remains reserved

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