Ruling on love tips before marriage


Marriage is the connection of two people together, who live in one place, and marriage is defined in language that it is the source of the verb married, and it means the connection of a man and a woman with a bond and a legal contract according to the principles. Among other definitions of marriage is the legal marriage between male and female, or the marriage of a man to a woman through religious or civil marriage ceremonies, [1] and marriage in general is the coupling of two things together so that each of them becomes a husband to the other after each of them is one individual, and the jurists define marriage That it is the contract that grants each of the parties the right to enjoy the other in a legitimate manner, and the goal of marriage is to establish a good family and a healthy society, not just enjoyment, according to certain considerations and depending on the conditions of the spouses. [2]

Marriage is one of the important stages in the life of every human being. Where the spouses bind to each other in order to achieve harmony, compassion and cooperation between them, and marital life is the school of new generations, and it contributes to directing young people to the reconstruction and reform of society. Since the father and mother have a great influence on their children, they are the cornerstones that build a good society when they are good, and they are the basic home of mercy, affection, kindness and full care for the young generation, and both spouses must preserve the marital bond, so the husband must carry out his duties towards his wife, and give her She should have full rights, be kind to her and not abuse her or approach her badly to her family and her family, and the woman must fulfill her duties, give her husband his rights, help him in the midst of life, obey him well, be kind and not harm him, and each of them must initiate the correction of any defect and Be patient for the other. [3]

Tips before marriage

The success of marriage depends on the compatibility and love between the spouses, and this can be achieved through the application of the following advice: [4]

Knowing the purpose of marriage: It is realizing that marriage is one of the things that God Almighty has prescribed, and it is one of the Sunnahs of the Prophets and Messengers, and one of the greatest blessings of God upon man. That is why Islam desired it and God Almighty called for it in his dear book, and that the goal of marriage is not to achieve pleasure for the two partners only, but to obtain tranquility, affection, mercy, childbearing, and the reconstruction of the land.

A good choice of spouses for each other: It is advised that every person entering into marriage should choose his partner well according to Sharia principles, which include choosing a partner according to his religion and his morals, which is the basis for any successful marital relationship. The owner of religion and good manners is a basic condition in marriage, and the choice according to religion and morals does not prevent them from being combined with money or beauty and other things. It is also recommended for a man to marry a virgin woman who has never been married, as well as a man, and the marriage must be to the woman who She maintains friendliness and companionship, and the partner must be chosen for his other partner, who is characterized by preponderance of mind and distance from idiocy and foolishness, and it is advisable to alienate marriage, that is, the lack of kinship between the spouses as much as possible; In order to avoid the transmission of genetic diseases.

Shortening the engagement period: because its length may increase problems and make both parties feel bored.

Observance of the norms and traditions of society: It is the commitment of suitors in their relationship to the norms of their society. Even after the marriage contract.

Avoid a lot of orders and requests: By avoiding suitors, unimportant requests that are unnecessary when they deal with each other.

Avoid raising his voice on the other by one of the parties: Especially while speaking or discussing something, as each of them must address the other with his favorite words and words, and avoid using every word or expression that the other hates.

Tips for a man

It is important for a man to know his duties towards his wife before entering the marital nest, and there are tips that he must take into consideration that will help him to succeed in his marital life, and the importance of a man’s psychological readiness to assume new marital responsibilities and start his joint life with his wife, and the following are some tips that help him to So: [4]

Avoid miserliness: If a woman sees miserliness from her husband or fiancé, she hates him and wants to get rid of it.

Avoid expressing admiration for another woman: is the man not mentioning his admiration in front of his wife or fiancée for another woman. Because this is a sin and a sin, and it also raises the suspicions of his wife and her change, which causes many problems.

Respecting the fiancée’s people and getting close to them: by being friendly with them with kindness, and keen to maintain intimacy and love between them.

Tips for women

She advises women several tips before marriage, namely: [5]

Early preparation for marriage, buying necessities, avoiding unnecessary things or luxuries, and making sure to choose the necessary things and priorities, and it is possible to write them on a piece of paper to make it easier to remember later.

Preserving the suitor's money and not being extravagant with him, assessing his financial conditions and not requesting

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