Ruling on love tips for the husband


From Abu Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him, said: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: "The woman went Kaldila if evaluated broke it, but I enjoyed it left on Og"

Marriage is a permanent relationship between the spouses that must be preserved and it falls on the man more than the woman, and Ali bin Abi Talib says: The best of women’s qualities are the bad of men’s qualities: pride, cowardice and miserliness. Something is offered to her, and if she is stingy she saved her money and her hubby's money, and here we will offer some advice to preserve this relationship.

Husband tips

If you are not able to travel with your wife, book in one of the nearby hotels, live for two days with your wife and stay away from work, and free yourself of them for the wife only.

Always use some perfumes that endear the wife in you, especially when returning home from work and when starting a sexual relationship.

Roses: Some think that roses are only presented on occasions, and this is not correct, so make sure that you give her some roses from time to time, and with writing some beautiful phrases on a small card placed on the roses.

Sex change: Try to find new ways to have sex, as this will keep you from the boring routine in married life.

Going out of the house: Try as much as possible to spend most of your time with your wife, and do not go out of the house, and if it is necessary to go out for long periods, allocate time for your wife to stay up with her, and stay away from these times from the work environment and leave him outside the home.

Discover the sexual positions that your wife loves in her body, and from the famous areas, for example, the area behind the ear with some hot breaths to make your wife enjoyable in the top

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