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 Online shopping

Online shopping is the process in which various goods and services are searched for and purchased online using a web browser, so a person can buy any commodity without having to leave his home. The regular market may own a website that provides its services and goods for purchase, or there may be an independent online shopping site without a regular market. [1]

What distinguishes online shopping from traditional shopping is the fact that the first is available at all times, unlike most regular markets that are restricted to certain working hours. Also, when shopping on the Internet, a person can compare prices for the same product from different websites and choose the cheapest one easily. Most of the goods on the regular market are also present in the electronic markets, so electronic markets provide many types of products. [2]

How to shop online

The process of payment when shopping online is usually done using a credit card (English: credit card), and the purchase process is done through what is called a cart or shopping bag. To purchase goods from an online shopping website, the goods to be purchased are added to the shopping bag by clicking on the “Add to bag” button or “Add to cart” (English: Add to cart), and upon completion of shopping The "Checkout" button is pressed, and it is advisable to make sure of the items chosen to suit what the buyer wants. [3]

Before starting the payment process, you must make sure that there is sufficient money in the credit card, and that the card is not expired. After pressing the payment button, a new page will be taken that requires entering certain information, as follows: [3]

Credit card information: First, the type of credit card is chosen, and if it does not exist, it is most likely that the website does not support this type of card, then the name of the credit card holder is entered, exactly as it is written on the card, then the card number is entered Credit, and its expiry date, in addition to the security code (in English: Security code), and this code is located on the back of the card and consists of three characters in case the card is of the type of Visa (in English: Visa) or Master Card (in English: Master Card). In the event that a market card is used on the website itself and not affiliated with one of the well-known credit companies, it is likely that a security code will not be requested.

Shipping address (in English: Shipping address): Enter the address that the buyer wants to ship the goods to, and the website will calculate the shipping cost based on this address and the final price statement.

Billing address (English: Billing address): This address is the one that receives the invoices issued to the credit card, and it may differ from the shipping address, so if the item will arrive in the buyer's mailbox, but the buyer wants the item to be delivered to his home instead, then it is Determine this address on this basis.

In the event that something goes wrong with the purchase process, it is advised to ensure that the information entered is accurate; Such as name, address and various credit card information; As the presence of any slight error in any of the information may lead to the failure of the purchase process, and if the information was correct upon confirmation of it, the buyer can try another credit card. [3]

Tips for safe shopping online

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