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 Definition of IP

IP address is an acronym for Internet Protocol (in English: Internet Protocol), and it is an address used for computing devices, such as: personal computers, tablets, and smart phones, its mission is to specify an address for the mentioned devices, so that it can communicate with other devices in the IP network, and it carries all An IP address device is different from other devices, and to zoom the image, it can be said that it is similar to a street address or phone number; It is used to distinguish the device from other devices. [1]

How IP works

Computing devices use DNS servers, which are short for Domain Name System (in English: Domain Name System), [2] to search for the hostname (in English: hostname) and then obtain its IP address; For example, when we enter a website, such as:, through your browser; The login request to download that page goes to the DNS servers, which search for the hostname:, to find its IP address. [3]

Types of IP

There are two types of IP addresses, the first is the fourth version known as (IPv4), and the second is the sixth version, known as (IPv6). All computers that have IP addresses contain the first type, and many of them have recently started using the second type, and to talk about each of them. It also follows: [4]

IPv4 processors: use 32 binary bits to create a single distinct address on the network, and IPv4 address is expressed with four numbers separated by points, such as:

IPv6 processors: 128 bits are used in the binary system, to create one distinct address on the network, and it is expressed in eight groups of numbers separated by two periods, such as: 2001: cdba: 0000: 0000: 0000: 0000: 3257: 9652, and usually the number groups are omitted Which contains zeros to save space, and add two colons in its place, so that it becomes IP in the previous example: 2001: cdba :: 3257: 9652


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