Sayings in love best words for the husband

 my lady:

I only remember your voice ..

When the holiday bells ring!

I only remember your perfume ..

While I sleep on the grass paper !

You are a woman who is not repeated .. in the history of roses ..

And in the history of poetry ..

And in the memory of lily and basil ..!

(Nizar Qabbani)

You are always in the middle !!

You are between me and my book ..

Between me and my bed ..

And between me and my calm ..

And between me and the words !!

Your memories are my prison and your voice whips me

I am in the streets alone

And between the lamps alone!

I am feeling sad between my shirt and my skin !!

And my blood: a drop - between your eyes - does not dry!

Give me peace!

Give me peace!

(Amal Dunqul)

And tell her: O Muniyat al-Nafs, I am ..

Passion and love killed if you knew!

I am the grief of Jacob and the loneliness of Yunus.

And the pain of Job, and the sorrow of Adam!

Cystic mastitis.

Crescent eyes folded mouth!

Soft corners being the sash.

On the curse of the tremors, I digest!

Tied with musk, it was published.

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