Sayings in love sweet words for the husband

 My dear dear ... I send you my words scented with longing love, with the spirit of tenderness, emotion, warmth and tenderness for the most precious person in the Darin. Do not prolong your absence from me. You alone know how much I hide for you from the longing and much love in me .. I miss you my love

God appointed you to take care of your travel, oh after my life, the companion of your path, which needs to be close to you always and forever


Or just think that this vast universe with all its distractions and all its temptations will distract me from you. . Oh, don't you ?! . . Or makes you second to me? . . Rest assured, this is you as you are . . As I knew you, you were never but first in everything. . And so it will remain, by God’s permission, as long as this heart beats. . As long as there is such thing as life . . Something called love.

Your sun has shone in the sky of my life. . Nora and I have covered the sorrows and joys Bdelha . . Life has become beautiful with you with me. . Tertsm that smile on Mahyak beautiful . . How wonderful eyes that see their life . . May God preserve you and enjoy health and wellness for me. . . And long for me.


I loved you as you taught me how to love you. . I loved you with all my feelings. . I loved you with everything I take

I write my letters, expressions and descriptions fail me, I love you, the most precious person, you do not consider me dulled feelings, my feeling is inside me ,, the feeling of a thousand poets, but I did not see your sweet part .. and I am astonished by your charming beauty. Your father, but my life, do not wrong me if you know about the longing that I should see you ... a strange feeling sweeping through the entity

Show me I tell you a word I love. I want to say it to you, my life, with a full mouth, I love you, I love you, I love you, that is for sure

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