Sayings in love words of love for the husband

 The marital relationship is the most honorable and supreme human relationship, and it is a relationship based on friendship and sharing, in which feelings must be expressed in every occasion that allows for this to keep warmth over the family atmosphere, and achieve the goal of emotional stability and tranquility for the spouses, and here we present to you some expressions of love that can be Carrying some of the wife's feelings:

To those who are confused by words, what do you say to him .. and in what way you congratulate him and what name you call him .. To whom dwelt in my heart and filled my life with joy and pleasure .. To my love and my companion .. I send you my longing and warm kisses through a bouquet of red roses and jasmine .. I wish you days filled Love and love near me and among your children .. sweetheart of your life.

Or do you just think that this vast universe, with all its distractions and all that it contains, will distract me from you ... or make you second to me? ... rest assured, this is .. you are as you are .. as I knew you It was never anything but first in everything..and thus it will continue, God willing .. as long as this heart beats..and as long as there is such a thing as life..something called love.

Your sun has shone in the sky of my have been a light that covered my sorrows and transformed them into joys..Life has become beautiful with your presence with me..with your smile on your beautiful life .. How wonderful are your eyes in which I see life! May God protect you for me and your enjoyment of health and wellness .. and may you last for me.

I loved you as you taught me how to love you .. I loved you with all my feelings .. I loved you with everything that rests in my heart from the splendor of love ... and in the midst of that love, and in the joy of that longing for you, I find you implanting ... the arrow of love in the heart of those who love you .. You have become the king of my heart and your love He did not and will not die within me .. because it is sincere love, and my heart will remain loyal to you despite all circumstances.

When I go back a little bit and remember my sweet moments with you, and my beautiful days with you ... I really feel that I am lucky ... and nothing can match my happiness with you ... and no one but you ... is able to give me what you gave me .. but I genuinely feel that this universe ... Because of the size of its breadth, its large area and the abundance of its temptations, it does not matter to me at all as much as I care about ... my love for you ... and as much as I desire to stick to you ... and why you were not the source of my interest when you contained me and lit the candle of my life.

Longing for you instructed me to write a letter to you, so I brought paper and pen, and I could not recall .. the words .. So I went to the flower gardens to contemplate the beauty of the roses and pray for every rare flower of goodness .. and send it to you with all the emotions of passion with the air .. I did not pick a rose because I am afraid of it withering or withering Its leaves fall into my hands, and I want life for her in your hands..your hands, and I turned the papers of poems and dived into the seas of poems..Perhaps I might hunt for you words like pearls.

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