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 The Google

Google is a powerful search tool, and it uses a special algorithm to generate various search results. The specifications and details of this algorithm remain a secret that Google keeps in order to maintain its competitiveness with other search engines on the Internet, and Google's search engine has a large index of keywords that can be easily found, and what distinguishes this browser from jealousy is the way the results are arranged. [1]

Duck duck

The search engine DuckDuckGo at first glance looks similar to the Google search engine, but there are many things that make it different, as it contains some great features such as displaying all search results on one page, in addition to that it helps the user to clarify the search words or question Who is looking for an answer to it, and another feature of this browser is that the percentage of ads is much lower than other browsers such as Google. [2]

Doug Bell

Before Google came out in the late 1990s, Dogpile was the most widely used search engine. As this browser disappeared in a mysterious way and is almost no longer used, while it was a fast and effective option for conducting searches on the Internet. The Doug Bell search engine has reappeared nowadays, accompanied by remarkable improvements and development, as it is characterized by quick and useful search results. [2]


The Bing search engine was released in 2009 by the American software company Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft Corporation), and it was designed to display all search results and information that is found on search pages, allowing the user to make the appropriate decision about the sites he wants to follow. In addition to displaying a lot of information to adequately satisfy the search query, Bing also displays related searches and previous searches that the user searched for on the right side of the web page. [3]


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