The best tourist desert places in the world

 Desert places occupy more than 90% of the land in the Arab world, and perhaps this is the reason that prompted many Arab countries to invest their deserts and benefit from the treasures they contain, on more than one level in the field of desert ecotourism.

And desert tourism is one of the most modern industries in the world as a whole growing and prosperous, but countries in the Arab world are famous for it, compared to any other places where the climate is temperate, despite the high temperatures, but the matter is subject to great control, especially in the Arab world, where He has a keen interest in wildlife and the environment.

desert tourism

Foreign travelers have begun to explore the deserts in the Arab world, where the Arab world represents a great deal of passion, for every foreigner who wants to have fun and adventure at the same time, and those trips for foreign explorers have drawn great attention to the need to develop deserts, and to develop activities that visitors can practice in them. The general picture of the Sahara has become widely shifted. As investors in all Arab countries began to pump their money for the sake of investment and to lay down development plans to develop deserts and bring them into the tourism field.

What helped investors to succeed in their development plans in desert places is the nature of deserts and their biological and geological diversity, which made large parts of them transformed into natural reserves, for rare and endangered animals and plants, and turned into an ideal way for safari trips, looking for calm and relaxation, and the practice of some activities The unique sports, and even learn about the customs and traditions of the inhabitants of those areas as well.

The importance of desert tourism

In many countries of the world, and the Arab world in particular, desert places are among the most important components of the economy, as the desert tourism industry has contributed to supporting the economy, especially as its revenues have contributed to the development of many places, and have evolved to become an important source of national income.

It also supported desert tourism, in providing the necessary money to develop communities far from urbanization, especially since it has tribes living in those areas, and they have unique customs and traditions that represent a long-standing intangible heritage, such as food, clothes and folk festivals.

Desert tourism also contributed to attracting visitors to countries from tourists, to search for activities different from what they are accustomed to in the globalized cities, such as hunting, horse racing and sand boarding. What distinguishes desert tourism is that it is not seasonal and can be done at any time.

Elements of desert tourism in the Kingdom

It is not possible to talk about desert tourism, without elaborating on desert tourism in the Kingdom, and its most important components that made it the most prominent and finest desert tourism area in the Arab world in general.

The Kingdom has a very distinct geographical location, as it is located as a meeting point for the Arab countries that border it, as well as the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which made it an important meeting place for the various Arab civilizations, with their diverse cultures, customs and traditions, in addition to the magnificent geological attractions it possesses, such as sand dunes and chains The wonderful mountainous and desert oases, and all its water springs, caves, etc.

The constant brightness of the sun, its distinctive radiance on the kingdom, and its warmth in the hearts of tourists and adventurers who came to enjoy it, cannot be ignored. The kingdom's deserts also have a large number of oases such as; Dagla Kindergarten, Al-Haqqah Kindergarten, Al Sabla Kindergarten, Al Sayahid Kindergarten, Al Khafas Kindergarten, Noura Kindergarten and Al Tanhat Kindergarten, in addition to the groundwater basins in Najd Like the large sedimentary basin.

The most famous places of desert tourism in the world

Desert tourism in the Kingdom

Among the most prominent deserts of the Arabian Peninsula; The Empty Quarter desert, the great Nafud desert, and the Dahna desert, all of which provide diversity in the social life of the people of the Kingdom, as well as the tourists who visit these places.

Among the most prominent activities that tourists can practice in the desert places in the Kingdom are equestrian and camel riding, and attending horse shows and distinctive camel caravans, in addition to the magnificent safari, falconry, and many more.

Desert tourism in Algeria

Taghit is one of the most important and prominent desert tourist places in Algeria, a city characterized by many sand dunes, multiple valleys for palms, and a charming nature that made it a center of desert tourist attraction in Algeria.

You can reach Taghit and enjoy it, but be sure to arrive before sunset, so that you can enjoy the landscapes, which you will be able to see on your visit, and take the most beautiful pictures while you sit on its soft sand, and do not forget that it is a great opportunity to relax if you want to, as the city enjoys calm Away from the hustle and bustle of populated places.

Desert tourism in Morocco

Morocco has many desert tourist places, and the Merzouga area is one of the most prominent and most famous desert tourist areas in it, and it is a palm oasis located near the south of the country.

In Tagit, you can sit and enjoy the magical beauty of the region, as it is an oasis in which all the services you desire as a tourist are available, and there you can relax away from the pressures of life, and enjoy the most delicious Moroccan dishes and dishes, with good hospitality and great friendliness from the people of Morocco.

Desert tourism in Tunisia

Those who do not know green Tunisia, and its wonderful tourist attractions, make all of the foreigners, whether from inside or outside the Arab world, to travel to it from everywhere. Tunisia offers its visitors the possibility of horse and camel rides, but not many sand dunes like any other.

The Grand Erg Oriental is one of the most important desert places in Tunisia. This place offers its visitors multiple services, including; The possibility of camping amid wild nature and mountains, and a safari

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