The concept of online shopping

 The concept of online shopping

Online shopping is the existence of a store from which you can easily buy everything through a computer or mobile phone, and it often provides the best types of products to consumers. Internet shopping is also known as searching for a product by visiting the store's website, and then preparing a purchase order to obtain the desired product. [1] Another definition of online shopping is that it is a group of buying and selling operations that include many types of goods. Such as homes, clothes, electronic devices, accessories of all kinds, and other products.

Internet shopping is a relatively recent concept; It is possible that the shopper has concerns about his exposure to fraud or theft, and he may forget any information about the electronic account for the purchase, such as the password, and also he may not trust that his personal information will be safe with merchants via the Internet; Therefore, many individuals deal with the idea of ​​shopping online with great caution, which is one of the things that need to be met in this type of shopping; Because it contributes to protecting individuals from any electronic fraud.

Benefits of shopping online

Internet shopping offers many benefits for customers, the most important of which are:

Knowing all the details about the products: It is one of the main benefits of shopping online; It is possible to view detailed and complete information about the products offered for sale on the websites, such as prices, specifications, ingredients, and other other details, and this contributes to helping the consumer to choose the product that is suitable for him. [2]

Learn the opinions of others: one of the important benefits of shopping online; It contributes to helping customers choose the products they are thinking of buying, by learning the opinions of others about them and evaluating them, and this helps customers know more details about the nature of the products. [2]

Internet shopping saves time and effort: it is one of the most important benefits of shopping online; It contributes to saving a lot of time spent searching for products in normal markets, and as a result, it reduces the effort spent by consumers during the buying process; Because online shopping saves time for the shopper while wandering the traditional market to see dozens of shops in search of something that may be difficult to find easily, compared to online stores that contribute to providing it within a few minutes. [3]

Providing products at cheap prices: It is one of the benefits that depend on competition between traditional markets, online markets, and also between Internet stores; It seeks to provide products at the lowest possible prices so that it can attract more customers to deal with it. It also provides many additional means for the convenience of customers, the most important of which is the delivery of products that have been purchased to their homes. [3]

Internet shopping requirements

Internet shopping depends on a set of important requirements, namely: [1]

A computer or a mobile phone: They are the two means that help in searching for the required products on the Internet, and then start preparing the purchase form in order to obtain them within a predetermined period of time.

Connecting to the Internet: It is one of the necessary requirements that must be met from

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