The cottage industries are great home ideas

 A side table of books

A group of old or unused books can be used to make a side table, as a simple and wonderful home idea, and this can be done by choosing one of the books to serve as the base, and arranging the rest of the books on it to form what resembles the base of the table, then creating a suitable hole in the middle These books are wedge size; A dowel is inserted through it after placing the glue inside these holes, then wrapping it in a beautiful way, and at the end of the matter, the bottom part of the table surface is affixed to the books. [1]

Printing on mugs

Printing on cups is considered a beautiful home idea, in addition to being suitable for wedding gifts, and it can be prepared easily by using a marker pen in a suitable color. To write some nice words or letters on the sides of the mug, or on the inside of the bottom, then put the mug in the oven at a temperature of about 177 degrees Celsius, for a period of half an hour; To ensure the stability of writing on it. [2]

A hanging basket of plants

A basket made of wire can be made from wonderful and easy home ideas, and some seedlings can be made. To cover the wires and give them a beautiful view, and one type of plant can be grown in them; Like lettuce, tomatoes, plants, or strawberries, or by mixing more than one type together in the same basket. [2]

Drawing on the vase

Drawing on a vase is a wonderful home idea that will add a special elegance to decorative vases, and this task does not require more than placing ready-made drawings (removable tattoos) that have been chosen on a vase of one color, and in case you want to remove these drawings or replace them with other drawings You can also use a little nail polish remover (acetone). [3]


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