The cottage industries ideas home made for girls

 Telephone answering services

Providing answering services on the phone is one of the projects that can be worked out at home, especially if you have a distinctive and pleasant voice, the ability to pay attention to small details, and excellent communication skills, as these services require each customer to pay a lump sum of money every month depending on the type Services that are provided, whether they are after work hours, on a weekday, or during the weekend. [1]

Work online

The advanced Internet service contributes to providing many areas in which it is possible to work from home, especially for girls. It is possible to start choosing the appropriate work according to special skills and preferences, as it is possible to work in the field of independent writing, and use the available sites to find a suitable work contract, or it is possible to work with agencies that Availability of university articles, CVs, and technical writers, as well as the possibility of choosing to work in the field of blogging that provides experience related to a topic through this blog or websites, and during this it can include ads to increase profit, and on the other hand, work can be considered in The field of conducting research via the Internet, and many other fields. [2]

Food projects

Many women have a passion for making food and home baked goods, and therefore it is possible to transform this passion into a commercial enterprise through which financial profit can be achieved by observing the basic conditions and rules that govern the process of producing food for consumers from the environment surrounding the home, as well as the importance of looking at the requirements of this The project; Such as the need to have a separate kitchen, for example, or choosing a suitable name for the project and the products it provides, and many other requirements. [3]

Take care of children

Working in the field of daycare at home is considered a long-term, profitable, and successful project, especially if local laws and regulations that govern work in this field are followed, which include providing the appropriate space for each child, and providing an appropriate number of licensed workers, except By providing the necessary nutritional meals, and other means that increase demand. [3]


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