The cottage industries innovative recycling ideas

 Recycle metal cans

Metal cans can be recycled and converted into a musical instrument by cleaning the tray, removing the circular top from it, adding frozen peas or rice to it, coating the can with glue or adhesive, wrapping it with paper and coloring it in the desired way, to be ready to produce musical sounds through Shake it up. Large yogurt cans can also be turned into a drum by cleaning them, wrapping the top of them with a sturdy piece of paper, and wrapping them with a rubber band. [1]

Recycle clothes

There are many ideas that can be applied to recycling old clothes, and among these ideas are the following: [2]

Making new accessories: Old clothes can be used to make an elegant handbag or head cover. Clothes can also be cut into thin pieces and braided to make a necklace or bracelet.

Memories Board: Memories board is considered a suitable place for displaying pictures and fond memories, and it can be made by covering the front and sides of a wooden board with a large piece of old clothes cloth, and using fabric glue to fix the cloth on the board, and hanging these memories with pressure pins.

Pillow cover: You can use old soft-touch shirts to make a pillow cover, by cutting the arms of the shirt and the collar, then turning the outer part of the shirt to direct the sewing inward.

Plastic recycling

There are many ideas that can be applied to recycling plastic containers, including: [3]

Soap tray: A soap box can be made by adding a tap, to distribute the soap to any empty plastic bottle.

A basket for storing supplies: Plastic containers can be converted into suitable baskets, to keep school supplies inside, and other items.

Potted plant: Plastic containers can be re-designed into any convenient and beautiful shape; To become suitable for growing plants.


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