The cottage industries simple recycling ideas

 Recycle old clothes

There are many ideas that can be used to recycle old clothes, including: [1]

Re-design old clothes: In the event that you own pieces of old-style clothes, you can try to re-design them again, to follow modern fashion by adding some things to them; Such as zippers, buttons, or shiny accessories, among others. If you have wide-legged pants, they can be cut and converted into short pants, and a long skirt can be converted into a short skirt.

Making accessories: Old clothes can be used to make a headdress or an elegant bag, and the fabric can be cut into thin pieces and braided to make a beautiful bracelet or necklace.

Dining table cover: You can use multiple pieces of old clothes; To create an elegant table cover with a rustic feel. [2]

Recycle plastic containers

In addition to the possibility of sending plastic packages to recycling centers, they can also be recycled by following any of the following ideas: [3]

Cultivation inside containers: Plastic containers can be used for cultivation inside, and make a garden in the home or office.

Soap bottle: A soap bottle can be made by adding a twisty soap dispenser spout to any empty plastic bottle.

Pencils organizer: The pencils organizer can be made by cutting the plastic case with scissors, then painting it in a desired color, and installing it in an appropriate manner.

Feeding birds: You can use plastic containers to put bird food in.

Simple Recycling Ideas

There are many simple ideas that can be used for recycling, including: [4]

Recycle the small cabinet door, turning it into a serving tray, and this can be done by repainting it, placing two hands on opposite sides, filling the holes in it with wood filling and leaving it to dry.

Recycle the books and turn them into a side table by arranging a group of books on top of each other, then making a wedge-sized hole in the middle; To insert a skewer and thread through it after putting glue inside this hole, then wrap the books in a beautiful way, and stick the bottom part of

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