The effect of electronic games on children

 The child tends to play naturally. It is one of the important activities in his life that reveal his hidden contents, emotions and hidden aspects. By playing, the personality of the child is formed, and his intellectual, emotional and social tendencies and tendencies are revealed. Psychologists emphasized that play develops the personality of the individual, as it is one of the basic means of education, and in the past the launch of the concept of play was related to physical or motor activity, but with the development of science and technology that accompanied it, its concept changed from the previous concept. Electronic games appeared, which quickly attracted the attention of all segments of society and met with great success, and deviated from the concept of play from education to entertainment in the first place. [1]

Play can be defined as a mental or physical activity performed by an individual, whether young or old, in order to satisfy his various desires and needs, such as entertainment and recreation, education and pleasure, curiosity, discharging excess energy, and other different needs that differ according to different age groups, and for children it is a necessity Of the necessities of life, such as eating, sleeping, and security. [2]

The importance of playing

The importance of play is that it is one of the most important basic needs of the child, and it is one of the necessities of his personal life. By playing, the child learns many things that benefit him in his life, and it improves his physical, mental, emotional and linguistic development, as it is not just a means of spending and occupying the leisure time of children as many think; Rather, it is of benefit to the child, especially if the choice of games that the child plays by the parents is from a correct study, science and methodology, and if they are, then it gives the child the many skills he needs in order to develop his personality, and the games also clarify many scientific, religious and linguistic concepts for him.

Play is important and necessary for children of all ages, as well as for adults. It brings joy and happiness to their hearts, and renews their vitality and activity, which is a way to break the routine and lifestyle. [3]

The concept of electronic games

Electronic games emerged at the beginning of the eighties with the scientific and technological development and the multiple uses of the computer, so they were a qualitative and distinguished leap, and they became the subject of great research and debate regarding their importance, educational role, and their impact on adults and children, and their benefits in developing skills, especially the skill of thinking and planning, and thus these games have become the focus of everyone’s attention. . Electronic games are the advanced stage of video games. Where it went through many stages until it reached its current form. [4]

Fields of electronic games

Electronic games have many areas in which they can be played, and they were multiplied after the great technical development that the gaming field witnessed, including: [5]

Electronic games on mobile phones.

Electronic games on the computer.

Electronic games on the Internet.

Electronic games on console displays; It is an electronic device characterized by high specifications and high-quality efficiency.

Devices for public electronic games halls.

The effect of electronic games on children

The great and increasing interest in electronic games and their great association with children prompted psychologists and education scientists to study these games and their impact on their users from various aspects. Health, emotional, cultural, and behavioral ones are a double-edged sword. [6]

Advantages of electronic games

The benefits and advantages of electronic games appear in many aspects of an individual's life; In addition to the education that the child acquires from it through increasing concepts, information and developing skills, it improves intelligence and speed of thinking for him. Where many games contain puzzles, and require mental skills to solve them, as well as increase his ability to plan and initiate, and fill the child's imagination in an unparalleled way, increase his activity and vitality, and he becomes highly knowledgeable of modern technology, and is fluent in dealing with it, using it and devoting it to his benefit.

One of the advantages of electronic games is that they encourage children to create creative solutions to adapt and adapt to the conditions of the game, and their impact extends to practical reality. Where he can apply some of the skills that he acquired through playing on the ground in his real practical life. [7] [8]

Cons of electronic games

Despite the fact that there are many advantages and benefits of electronic games, they have negative, manifold aspects that show their effects on the individual in particular and on society in general. On the personal level, it develops in the child violence and a sense of crime, because the majority of these games depend on the child's amusement and enjoyment of killing others, and it teaches adolescents the methods and methods of committing crime and its tricks, as well as developing violence and aggression in their minds through the frequent practice of such games, so the result is a child. Violent and aggressive.

These games also make the child live in isolation from others, and the supreme goal is to satisfy his desires for play, and thus the selfish character and self-love of the child are formed, and recent studies have shown that children who tend to play violent games and practice them significantly have a decline in academic achievement.

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