The Financial Economics Open Ideas Project

 Restoration of old cars

The renewal of old cars is one of the ideas of new projects that help to make a lot of money, and this project relies on making a big change in old cars so that they can be reused again, and it is worth noting that the person in this project cannot learn this on his own. Rather, he must learn several skills from those with expertise and experience in this field. [1]

Candles making

Candle making project can be very successful; Given that many people buy candles, whether for religious or aesthetic reasons, it is taken into consideration before starting this project to conduct research in the local market in order to determine the likelihood of its continued success in the long term. [1]

Carpet cleaning

A carpet cleaning project needs to be familiar with all types of fabrics that are used to make carpets. Like artificial carpets and wool, it is also recommended to learn how to get rid of stubborn carpet stains and unpleasant odors; Like smelling dogs, and receiving special training in cleaning antique carpets of great archaeological value. [2]

Re-upholstery used furniture

If you have experience in the field of sewing, it is advisable to start a project of re-upholstery of used furniture, as the basics of this profession can be learned by viewing the videos available on the Internet, or reading books related to this, and learning can also be done by obtaining used furniture and removing the upholstery He made the necessary repairs to it, then re-upholstered it again. [2]

Home repair

Those who enjoy home repair and renewal work can start a project in this field, by searching for people who need to repair or renew their homes, and to succeed in this field, a person must have good experience in the field of building construction, and practical experience in the field of crafts, in addition to To having a good list of contacts with people working in this field; Such as engineers, plumbers, electricians, and others. [3]


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