The financial economy is getting rid of work pressure

 Dealing with distractions

Most people are exposed to some things that increase work pressure, such as: emails, phone calls, notifications, and sudden or urgent appointments; If there is no room for control over these matters, the way to respond to them can be controlled, which is one of the following three options: accepting the interruption, terminating it, or determining its importance and developing a plan to deal with it. It is indicated that many interruptions are frequent, and this means expecting them. Always setting pre-defined criteria for the required response to each or just closing the door to get more focus. [1]

Get support

Talking with a close person will reduce the feeling of pressure at work, as it may provide the necessary support and sympathy, and it is possible to go to a friend or family member, and approaching some coworkers can be good to get rid of the negative effects related to it; Therefore, it is advisable to try to direct attention to them during breaks rather than being busy on the phone. [2]

Doing exercises

Doing sports increases your heart rate. Which leads to improving mood, enhancing energy, increasing focus, relaxing the body and the mind alike, and it is recommended to practice exercises that focus on calming the nervous system specifically and reducing psychological tension, such as: walking, running, and dancing, for a period of at least thirty minutes continuously or Intermittent, most days of the week, and when you feel great pressure during work, you can take a break, and move away from the stressful situation to perform any physical movement and relieve tension. [2]

Clarity of business requirements

The lack of clarity of work requirements, and the employee not knowing whether what he is doing is really sufficient or not, is one of the reasons leading to feeling stressed, and the same is the case when the requirements change suddenly without prior planning. Therefore, it is necessary to speak with the supervisor or manager to determine the matters that must be implemented, and to determine the strategies necessary for this. [3]


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