The financial economy is the most important thing in a personal interview

 Attention to external appearance

Taking care of the external appearance is one of the most important things that must be taken care of before going to the interview, as it is important to prepare well for the interview, and to choose the appropriate clothes for it, and the choice of appropriate clothes for the interview depends on the company’s system and the job position in which the interview will take place. Therefore, a person should try to search for appropriate clothes for this place, whether it is formal clothes or less formal clothes. [1]

Speak positively

When conducting any personal interview, it is important for the person to make the focus of his speech positive, because people are usually alienated from the negative person and complain a lot, and it is also important for the person to end his speech in the interview with a positive sentence, such as saying that he desperately wants to work or belong to this place Or giving convincing reasons to make him worth the work for which he came. [2]


In order for a person to conduct a successful job interview, he must have a lot of self-confidence, and the person gains his self-confidence during the interview through the extent of his belief that he deserves this job, as this would be positively reflected for the people in charge of the interview, as self-confidence gives an impression of the extent of this person's sincerity and worth For the job, and some pre-interview exercises can be done to boost self-confidence; Such as speaking in front of a mirror about dreams, aspirations, and strengths that a person possesses. It is also important to speak fluently without stuttering or hesitating. [3]

Listen well and talk less

Usually, the interviewer provides some information about the job directly or indirectly, and this information may be important and useful, and in order to enhance good communication skills with the interviewer, he must be notified that what he said has been heard, and it is important not to speak more than necessary, or Talk about things the interviewer does not need to know. [1]


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